getting better at this…

110 mpg (scangaugeII) on the commute today.

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  1. Nick says:

    how are things going with your Prius?

  2. ss says:

    Going well…PlugInSupply is supposed to be sending me their new board, that is supposed to do some amazing things, including allowing 72mph in EV mode, and not requireing a reset to return to mixed/normal mode. I will review that when I know more.

  3. Lonny says:

    Looking at the web site for 3prongpower, they list an expected lifespan of five years for the 10kWH battery. I assume they are being conservative with that estimate? Do they have any test vehicles beyond that time frame?
    Thank you for your blog and for being an early adopter. I hope to do the same with our 2006 Prius.

  4. ss says:

    You can probably find out more about the expected longevity at the parent company website: . I would expect to have at least 75% of the battery pack left at five years, but that is not based on facts, in fact there is very little real-world data on how long these cells will last. All I am hoping for is for this PHEV Prius to last till a time when there are practical (>500mi range, quick-charging) pure EV’s on the market.

  5. dave says:

    Hi, just started following your blog. I want to know with PluginSupply’s battery and computer management system, is powering the Prii to over 60mph possible on the current generation’s electric motor and/or the 2010 and new traction motor? Or would driving the AC motor at 72mph would actually damage and/or shorten the life of the AC induction motor?

  6. ss says:

    I am bringing my two year old (22K miles) conversion back to PIS in the next couple of days…He is going to access my need for the new upgrade that will allow speeds of 72 mph, though I have some doubts about the efficiency of driving the small motor that hard. The newer software also allows seamless transition from EV to mixed mode, and regenerative braking recharge to the large pack. That said, I am also scheduled to become part of the BMW ActiveE trial, and that may result in my putting the Prius up for sale.

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