Pure EV range = 48.7 miles

Today, did my first test run in pureĀ EV mode (ICE-kill). Temps were 75-85F, no AC, stereo blasting. I was on rural roads, estimated average speed was around 38mi. Probably less than 10mi at the maximum (52mph). One 10 min stop otherwise, continuous driving. Terrain mostly flat, slight occasional hills. I ended the test when I noted “blue bars” on the monitor, It has been my experience that this is the time to pull over and reset. Total mileage for a full charge was 48.7!

Otherwise the car has been operating flawlessly, my true mileage (measured at the gas tank) for the last 2000mi is 69.6 mpg….It should be noted that I am not a hyper-miler, that my usual commute involves some hill-climbing, and is mostly at 60mph.

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2 Responses to Pure EV range = 48.7 miles

  1. ken debrack says:

    so are in the sonama county someplace ?
    looks like you might be off Hwy 12 ?
    is your VPEV still working well ?
    looking to put one someone prius..


  2. ss says:

    I am in Lake Co. My system is going in for a upgrade this month. The battery management system (BMS) will be replaced, as well as the charger. The Li cells were tested and found to be in good health. I am really hoping to get at least another two years out of the system, by then there should be better EV choices on the market.

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